Preventive Maintenance Saves Time and Money

Server and firewall uptime, web site accessibility and email connectivity are all vital parts of a business's operations and image. When these processes fail it can lead to increased business expense and the loss of clients. HostForce's Managed Services and Remote Monitoring Services provide a professional IT staff's expertise to help you manage server health, monitor for service failures and are always available as a reference for current IT knowledge.

Remote Managed Services Features and Benefits:

  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac servers at our site or connected to the Internet.
  • Monitors for a wide range of services failures.
  • Monitors your internet connected devices for service failures on your chosen monitored services.
  • Email, and SMS alerts. False positive detection and elimination reduces the number of false alerts.
  • Identify hardware and application issues which may adversely affect the operating system.
  • Monitor event log alerts.
  • First response to failure alerts.
  • Discounted remote and on-site support rates.
  • Patching the devices operating system.
  • Security updates to protect from vulnerabilities.
  • Device performance reports.
  • Uptime reports.

Data Center Infrastructure Features & Benefits:

  • Redundant, clean, uninterrupted power with onsite backup power and power conditioning technology in the event of an outage
  • Redundant internet connectivity
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Fire suppression & detection
  • Biometric security